Road to …where?

CitySquare is happening. Definitely. OK, almost definitely, as long as a final lease agreement is reached between Unum and the developers, which Berkeley Investments head Young Park said was nearly a done deal within the next three months. But public expectations may not be met immediately, or any time soon. One of the massive assumptions all along — one of the main reasons many people were so excited about the project – was the concept of connecting downtown to Washington Square by extending Front Street all the way through where the Common Outlets are now. While city officials maintain that “plans and objectives haven’t changed,” that connection won’t happen in the first segment of Phase One of construction. Front Street will be continued through at a later date, say officials.



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2 responses to “Road to …where?

  1. Big Asshole

    I’m just happy as a fly on shit that Unum is moving there! Nothing says “happening downtown” like a an insurance company!

  2. Ah ha BA!
    You’re obviously not from here. But that’s OK. No one will hold it against you.

    Unum is already here; decades in fact.

    City Square = Nothing gained, nothing lost.

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