CitySquare demolition seven months away

At a pat-on-the-back announcement heralding a Unum-CitySquare agreement this morning, CitySquare developer Young Park told Worcester Magazine that demolition is probably seven months away, about four months after a final lease agreement is expected between the two parties.

More to follow….

UPDATE: Unum will take 194,000+ square feet in the newly constructed “Building H,” which Berkeley officials say will be completed in 19-22 months.

Park said conversations with other potential CitySquare tenants are ongoing.



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2 responses to “CitySquare demolition seven months away

  1. Where does this leave the bet you made awhile back?

  2. There’s an interesting little rub in the WB Journal article about this morning’s announcement:

    Young Park, president of Berkeley, said the company is also moving forward on financing the project.

    “There are a few banks that are interested and do believe this is a project worth financing,” he said.

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