Major downtown development announcement

Worcester is posed for an “exciting announcement on downtown development” tomorrow at 10am at the Mass College of Pharmacy.

Could this be CitySquare/Unum?  Something else entirely? This is CitySquare/Unum.

Some reports are that we could be looking at initial Galleria/Common Outlets demolition in the next few weeks.



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3 responses to “Major downtown development announcement

  1. Big Asshole

    I for one am very excited that Unum is moving a couple of blocks down the street! This is huge news and very exciting for everyone who has been biting their nails, waiting to see if the company will move a block or two over. I simply can not wait!!!!

  2. Santo

    This is good news, but until the first bricks start coming down, we’ve heard this before…

  3. I’d love to get down there, 1989 Berlin Wall style, with a sledgehammer and get me a piece of that monstrosity to put on my Wall.

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