Konnie Lukes: America’s most loved Albanian?

We’ve written about Mayor Konnie Lukes’ appearances in the Albanian press before–one paper featured her after election win.

Now, the Albanian Telegraphic Agency – sort of an Albanian AP/UPI – is featuring a picture of Lukes riding in a car in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in a feed across the top of their page.

Better than the photo is the agency-provided English translation:

“The Mayor of Worcester in US, Konstantina Lukes, of Albanian origin, in a car of the first decade of the previous century, has participated in Saint Patrick’s Day parade which marks the beginning of summer. In a 5km road, Saint Patrick’s Day parade has remained traditionally an Irish festivity.  But in Worcester, an American city with up to 80 cultures, the joy of this festivity is shared friendly for decades amid the ethnic inhabitants which cohabitate with each other, including Albanians.”


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