Census kick-off Monday

The 2010 Census is a major one for Worcester and Massachusetts: The tally could effect congressional redistricting and size, and federal aid, among other things.

But already, there are concerns Worcester may not be prepared enough for next year’s census, especially in regard to outreach to minority and underrepresented communities.

We’re working on a feature story for a few weeks out on this issue, one that is under reported, but vital.  In the meantime, there’s a major state kick-off on Monday at 10am at Mechanics Hall with Secretary of State William Galvin and Census Bureau Regional Director Kathleen Ludgate to discuss outreach efforts, and preparation efforts over the next year.



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2 responses to “Census kick-off Monday

  1. I’m looking forward to reading the story! By the way, did Secretary Glavin mention what the annual value of each enumerated person represents in Federal dollars to the Commonwealth and/or municipality?

    When I was involved with the Latino Voter Registration & Education Project, we were told that each person enumerated was worth $1,200 per year to their municipality.

    I suspect that the number should be quite higher this time around.

    Here’s why that’s relevant:

    If a neighborhood got together in an Association, defined their priorities, and allocated their funding to those priorities, they would now have an accountability benchmark to manage their district City Councilor, State Representative, State Senator, Congressional Representative, and Congressional Senators.

    Developing a ‘block by block’ vision and strategy increases the oversight control systems required to keep our employees on target with their constituent services.

  2. john stewart

    Massachusetts receives $2,200 per year per enumerated resident

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