A ‘Best places to live’ of the day

Another day, another “Best Places to live” survey.  This time, a report by Mass High Tech parent American City Business Journals ranks the Worcester metro area #29th out of 124 mid-sized metro areas across the country.  (Mid-sized being anything between 250,000 and 1 million)

#29….not bad, even if Bridgeport-Stamford was #4.



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4 responses to “A ‘Best places to live’ of the day

  1. Geez Zoback… that begs a sarcastic comment.
    Only the 29th? Have they ever been here?
    I thought like 399.

    That sorta puts a monkey wrench in that new Wusta pro-business PAC argument?

    Really strange to think that Wusta has a PAC huh?

    Yeah, that a 29 man pro-biz PAC must be all pumped up about that huh?

    Ya think thay’s gonna have a major impact on policy huh?

    Me thinks Wusta is gettin sophisticated?

  2. We got beaten by Bridgeport?!?
    By Bridgeport?

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  4. MK

    I’d be willing to bet that based on the Forbes survey the only reason that we were beat by “Bridgeport” is because it was included with Stamford… If you include the ghetto with the la-di-da then of course it gets an upgrade. It is a Metro area.

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