Kate “Twitter” Toomey

Here it is…the first “official” city council order requesting the City Manager start Twittering.

“Request City Manager to personally engage the public in conversation through the use of twittering so that he and his cabinet members gain input concerning spending, taxation and transparency.”

This could be the Worcester’s most fun Pandora’s box.



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7 responses to “Kate “Twitter” Toomey

  1. Joe


    r U kdng?

    wt a wste uv time…

  2. This news must’ve made Steve Quist’s day.

  3. I agree with Kate’s point, but I’m not sure that Twitter is the best way of doing it.

  4. Joe

    “personally engage the public in conversation”

    Doesn’t Mr. O’Brien have better things to do than social networking?

    What we need is a searchable repository of all relevant information related to the budget, in some open format. Facebook and Twitter are not the place for this information.

    We already have electronic ways to get in touch with the city administration as well. We’re not expecting the city to start reading resident’s blogs to find suggestions, are we?

  5. John Carnegie

    Joe, could you elaborate on what you would like to see as a searchable repository of all relevant information related to the budget? I am interested in the idea, and I’d like to know what an ideal resource would look like online.


  6. Joe

    Hi John-
    I did start putting together a response, but it’s much easier to say what something shouldn’t be than what it should be.
    I may finish it someday…..

  7. Kate Toomey



    The White House, Supreme Court, and Senate Floor and Congress all have accounts also tracking press conferences, daily votes, and the case docket.


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