The race is on

The big conversation in political circles right now is who will run for mayor from the non-Konnie Lukes crowd. Rick Rushton is still out of the running, despite some cynical claims that his bowing out is merely a strategy to “reluctantly” get back in later. Gary Rosen hasn’t officially said one way or the other; similarly, Michael Germain is a big “maybe.” That leaves a potential showdown between Joe Petty and Kate Toomey as the main gossip. Both – considered two of the “nicest” councilors – clearly want the seat, but would draw from similar political support bases if they ran against each other, cutting into their vote totals. If either runs, they would be a frontrunner for the “mainstream” candidate and have the likely backing of an established political machine. Sources say Petty has launched a poll to test the waters.



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4 responses to “The race is on

  1. Ooh! If Joe Petty got elected Mayor, then I could REALLY go wild on the “Joe Petty & the Heartbreakers” thing!

  2. Jeff, if you still have the postcard from the last election with the sax, you’ve even got your visual!

  3. BA for school committee!

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