You miss one day of blogging…

Talk about a close knit group of bloggers…

Paulie’s Point of View goes down for one day, and you would think the Telegram ceased publication!



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4 responses to “You miss one day of blogging…

  1. Don’t let the City Council’s blessing go to your head, Scott. Your snickering spin completely misses what’s actually happening with this situation.

    Paul’s blog has been removed from the hosting service. If you had actually read the thread you linked to, you would have seen Signman’s post saying that he finally got Paul on the phone, and that Paul has no idea why this happened, since he’s been out of town for the past couple of days.

    This could mean that Paul’s Google account has been maliciously hacked, or it could mean that he’s garnered a DRM takedown order, or it could end up being something else. But no matter what the reason for it is, having one’s blog suddenly removed like this, without the author’s knowledge, certainly deserves a tad more accuracy from a professional journalist.

  2. worcestermagazine

    Here’s the official word. Looks like a simple “momentary lapse in reason,” as Paulie puts it.

  3. Phew!

    This all started on Monday morning, when I called it to another blogger’s attention via e-mail. After a second day had gone by, things got a bit more worrisome. By late yesterday afternoon, it was difficult to imagine what possible mundane explanation might come out of it…

    But I should’ve stuck with my first instinctive guess on Monday, even despite the subsequent report that Paul had no idea what had happened.

    Ah well… Now that Paul’s momentary lapse of reason is over witch, I’m going to go back to being comfortably numb.

  4. UGH! Poor Paulie 😦

    It’s very easy to hit that wrong key. It’s good that he’s got himself back online.

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