Your art, our magazine

Worcester Magazine is looking for art to highlight in a new weekly Indie Billboard feature. We’re looking for your mixed media, illustration, pen & ink, computer graphic, painting, photography, sculpture or art of any sort that you want to share with the WoMag community. Send your 300 dpi file to today, and be a part of our Indie Billboard community.



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4 responses to “Your art, our magazine

  1. Big Asshole

    I’m an art student who freelances for a living. Will Worcester Magazine be paying for these contributions?

  2. You supply the art, they provide the audience.

    Consider it a free ad… For yourself.

  3. Scout

    This is an unrelated post, but do you know what happened to the Paulie’s Point of View blog? I usually link to it from your site, and it’s not on blogspot anymore.

  4. Big Asshole

    what a rip…they ought to either do the research themselves and find the local talent, or pay artists for contributing the content that fills their pages! more and more of that from them these days

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