Open containers at the St. Patty’s Parade? Never!

We love the annual post-St. Patrick’s Day Parade ritual. Let’s review.

One parent complains about the open containers at the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Someone else tells the parent, “that’s the way it’s always been.”

Another-claiming to be from a cop-says the complaint makes cops’ jobs “more difficult.”

Then, someone takes it to another level, saying the original complainant must be “miserable with your life.”

We love St. Patrick’s Day.



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4 responses to “Open containers at the St. Patty’s Parade? Never!

  1. Joe Taco

    Ahhh, the magic of St. Paddy’s day.

    It was in fact a great day for a parade.

  2. Big Asshole

    Anyone ever read The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson? It’s a great example of how ridiculous tradition can be. (Like, dressing in green and getting sloshed in public as a way of celebrating Irish Heritage!)

  3. SS

    That is pretty funny stuff.
    Those people are very the reason I would never bring my family to that gathering of fools anymore. Tried it once and it took days to wash the skank off.

  4. Joe

    I remember working at Blue Jeans Pizza and having a couple of Drunks walk in during the parade. They seemed to be brothers. They managed to pull it together enough to agree on what they wanted, and placed an order. However, there was some disagreement when it came to paying for the pizza. A fistfight broke out- “No, you as@#%(*&, *I’m* paying for teh f&*%^$ pizza”.

    That’s right, they were so drunk they were punching each other- not to get out of paying for the pizza- but to insist that they *were* paying.

    Bring my kids? No way.

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