Selling Pike rest stops

Under questioning from Chandler, Aloisi says the RFPs are still out for the Pike rest stops/servive stations. And, he says, the RFPs are primarily about gathering facts about how much would be offered, since the idea has been bantered about in the past.

IF they are sold, says Aloisi, that money would go to road work.

Chandler: If they’re sold, would the gas tax increase be defrayed?

Aloisi: It’s a matter of timing. “My committment to you all is we’re looking for ways to cut costs.”


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One response to “Selling Pike rest stops

  1. So the plan is to sell assets to make temporary repairs to the road? Makes little sense. This is a boondoggle. How many years at the current rent would they reach the selling price? After they’ve spent the cash from the sale they’ll still have to maintain the road with no offsetting rents from the rest stops. Boondoggle. The people of th ecommonwealth are about to be swindled.

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