Access, granted: WCCA reaches agreement with city

After a never-ending delay, the city has come to an agreement with community access station WCCA. According to station head Mauro DePasquale, under the 5-year agreement (roughly equivalent to the remaining Charter contract), the station will be receiving 55% of the cable franchise fee, down from 60% under the previous agreement; and a $300,000 capital grant, down from $350,000 under the last agreement. In an e-mail, DePasquale says there is nothing in the deal about adding an additional channel for public access, as WCCA has asked for, and that the station hasn’t heard what the percentages translate to in terms of dollars. “We will be assessing the impact of the new agreement over the course of the next 8 months or so,” writes DePasquale. “Community support was important in making it possible for WCCA to continue it’s services and meet the city’s community media needs. We are happy the city manager believes in the importance of public access.”


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  1. Big Asshole

    I wonder how Worcester’s Shitty Manager, O’Brainless feels with his hand in the cut backs

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