But will it work for the WPD?

We love that the bake sale to raise money for the MBTA went down yesterday.

Our only question: Only $200? Seriously? We raised more than that for our middle school little league team!



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3 responses to “But will it work for the WPD?

  1. No kidding with over a $161 million dollar “hole” in their budget. A bake sale ??????????? A presumed gross of $200??????
    I guess people are supposed to say, “oh, at least they’re trying”. Silliness, but still a real insult to taxpayers. Freeze spending. Give the food to feed the hungry, implement some real, honest to heaven, reform and then see what happens. It seems that the system is long gone beyond any repair . Crazy, just crazy.

  2. Big Asshole

    what a bunch of assholes! the people who use public transportation can barely afford the cost to do so. there’s hikes in prices left and right! plus the local government (organized crime) is robbing the toll booths and sticking it to the commuters there too. After all that, they bake a few cakes and try to raise money like a bunch of 4th grade little league players! Talk about having your cake and eating it to!

    “Will it work for WPD?” – I hope that’s a joke! I for one, don’t want ANY of what THEIR selling!

  3. Big Asshole

    Hey, maybe we can get a community car wash going for Worcester’s Boys in Blue. Get ’em these for X-Mas:

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