Worcester ‘basically healthy’

Rushton, Clancy and Lukes say that Worcester is in “fairly good shape” economically, but that the next few years are going to be among the toughest ever faced.

Talk now about not being pitted against the school committee…a joint meeting was been scheduled to improve communication, says Toomey.



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3 responses to “Worcester ‘basically healthy’

  1. if this was the case then what is happening today would not be happening

  2. So councilors, define healthy?
    All I see is a decrepit urban core and a bunch of rich cops laughing all the way to the bank.
    And a bunch of greedy colleges/universities with a billion dollars in the bank telling us to take a flying leap off Quinsig bridge.

  3. Too bad the joint meeting hasn’t already happened…or happened several times over.

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