Blogs a topic of conversations

Lukes says blogs (she says she doesn’t read) aren’t worth paying attention to.

Rushton disagrees saying….wait, he agrees.

They’re just a small group of people who aren’t necessarily representative, say the councilors.

(Rushton says “except for Daily Worcesteria.” Cheap, cheap Rick. Thanks.)



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14 responses to “Blogs a topic of conversations

  1. Wow, sounds like a pretty ignorant comment from King Konnie.

    “blogs aren’t worth paying attention to” that reads to me that individual residents aren’t worth paying attention to, heck we are only one vote right?

    Get the unions and the like in you pocket and there is no concern for the individual.

    Konnie Lukes = EPIC FAIL.

  2. Heinrich

    Blogs are going to get bigger and bigger, but the credibility factor always has to be questioned

  3. It’d be interesting to know the percentage of people in the county who could name the mayor of Worcester.

  4. Glad to see the councilors are forward thinking on communication. I guess they missed the fact that Obama won the election in part through embracing blogging and other social networking tools. If there was a smart city council candidate out there, they would jump into the online world and tap into the activists and younger voters. Maybe if they stick their heads in the sand, this new technology will go away and they can have their private retreats with no reporting back (I just checked on the T&G site and there is nothing on today’s meeting yet) and they wouldn’t have to read Jeff from Wormtown Taxi calling them out for not shoveling their sidewalks. If the councilors were smart, they would each have their own blog. I’d be interested in knowing the average hits and RSS subscriptions for the top blogs about Worcester such as Daily Worcesteria, Wormtown Taxi, Radioball etc. It might change their minds to see the numbers.

  5. It’d be interesting to find out what percentage of the folks in the county could name the mayor of Worcester.

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  7. That’s right, people who have found that they have a voice that can be shared with others and don’t need to be funnelled through politicians and newspaper editors aren’t worth attention. She misses the point and fails the test.

  8. Wow – just wow. How can you even make comment if you don’t even read blogs. What next? Movie reviews about things she hasn’t seen?

    Lukes on Blogs = FAIL – looks like we all agree there.

  9. Today local section was 4 pages of pretty much nothing and 3 pages of obits. People wonder newspapers are dying.

    About a year ago it was about even, my Sundays reading the newspaper versus the blogs. Now it is not even close. Seriously wonder why we still have a subscription.

    Konnie would get a better feel of what is going on in the City of Worcester if she spent some time reading the blogs. Not only are they not “silly”, but they are getting better every day.

  10. Bill, I had the same thought. With the ongoing cuts the T&G is making, where do we go for news? Sure, we’ve all got an angle, but you read and research and find out stuff about the airport; thus, we go to you if we need to know that. The T&G doesn’t (can’t, anymore) give it that kind of coverage. Likewise, education, various aspects of city government, public works…they just don’t have the manpower on it. It’s, in many ways, being left to the blogs to fill the holes.

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  12. Really, guys, the fact that it came up at all in their group therapy session on Saturday… This is a good thing.

  13. Come on… do you guys really think you could have an impact on the outcome of an election?
    This is all entertainment… good for a chuckle.

    Ya wanna have an impact on this city?
    Then run for mayor.
    I’ll vote for ya.

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