All about personalities

Lukes says the real problem is when councilors go beyond disagreeing into inflexibility, stubborness, and refusal to yield.

The conversation about process, goals, etc keeps coming back to personality problems.

“At the end of the day, you’re supposed to be a team…that’s a really hard thing to do,” says Nutting.

Clancy says relationships are generally cordial…but that certain votes “fracture” the council and take years to recover from. He says the council is just rebounding from the Section18 vote a few tears ago.

Lukes: “But we agree on 70% of what we do.”

Some laughter as Palmieri jokes that Rosen and him are on the other end from each other on Section 18, but Rosen drove Palmieri here.

Rushton: “There was some name calling on the council floor that was unchecked…thats subsided.”

Palmieri says that it’s good councilors go out for food/drink after council meetings….Lukes half-jokes about it being an unposted meeting.

Konnie notices Joe Casello is taping the meeting…Haller says “I prefer you don’t.” He continues.


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