Worcester: Best college basketball town ever?

Could Worcester be the best – or at least most underrated – college basketball city in the country?

Yeh, we know what you’re thinking.  “Who even pays attention college sports in town?”

But get this.  There is a very real chance that Worcester could be represented in all three divisions of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tourney.  Holy Cross(DI) needs 2 more wins, Assumption(D2) is already in, and WPI(D3) needs one more win; all three have legit shots of making the postseason at their respective levels, leaving us with one question.

Can Providence say that?

(Thanks to Michael Vigneux of the Colleges of Worcester Consortium for pointing this out)



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8 responses to “Worcester: Best college basketball town ever?

  1. Big Asshole

    …most of us are sure that Providence can beat Worcester in just about every arena. being the second largest city in N.E. gives them the advantage

  2. worcestermagazine

    Just to be clear…that “second-largest” is disputable. Providence was larger in 2000 and Worcester was ranked higher by 199 residents based on the 2006 census estimate.

  3. RSNinATL

    Providence is only larger if they count aliases

  4. Mike V.

    Thanks for posting this Scott. You know you’ve truly made it in Worcester when you get a nod in the Worcesteria blog! Just to clarify, it’s WPI that’s in and Assumption that needs 1 more win. Only a dork like me would know that!

  5. Basketball how freaking lame.
    Tiddlywinks and pickupsticks, now that’s real sports if ever there was one.
    My grandma can kick serious butt in both!

  6. 3Ball

    It is really tough to make this a real comparison. Worcester has. D1 Holy Cross.
    D2, Assumption, D3 Clark. WPI, Worc. State, Anna Maria.

    If you want to look at Providece, They have D1 (Providence Who is Probably Tourney Bounds) RIC hosted the D3 tourney. And Bryant was a national power house before they went D1.

    Providence would spank HC
    Bryant use to Spank Assumption (before moving to D1)
    And RIC had 3 more wins then WPI.. You we the judge…

  7. Mike V.

    We’re two thirds of the way there after the weekend. Assumption won the Northeast 10 tournament and will play in the Division II NCAA tournament this week. WPI made it to the second round of the Division III NCAA tournament before losing to UMass Dartmouth on Saturday. Holy Cross defeated Colgate in the Patriot League semifinals on Sunday, so the Crusaders need to win at American on Friday (on ESPN2) to get into the Division I NCAA Tournament. The last time Worcester had three teams in the Div. I, II, and III tournaments was 2002-03 when Holy Cross, Assumption and Clark each qualified.

  8. Mike V.

    3Ball…Bryant is in Smithfield. All three of these schools are located within one city…Worcester.

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