Herald profiles Eppinger

Without hyperbole, no one Worcester company has had a more dramatic public effect on cultural improvements over the past three years (and especially the past year) than Hanover Insurance.

So it’s nice to see the Boston guys take notice of what Hanover honcho Fred Eppinger has done and is doing in his 5-year virtual rebranding of the once-downtrodden company.

[via Boston Herald]



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4 responses to “Herald profiles Eppinger

  1. Cultural improvements? Surely you jest Mr. Zoback? Well maybe… considering the exorbitant insurance rates Hanover charges, it’s no wonder they can finance the so called “cultural improvements” you fail to mention.
    In my humble opinion the one company that has done more for Worcester’s “cultural scene” is Charter. Come on… you know I’m right.
    All those inane and dim witted programs they secrete through the miles and miles of ugly black cables into the nooks and crannies of Worcester’s psyche is surely worth an honorable mention. Don’t you think?
    What would Wusta be without TV 13 WCCA? A cultural wasteland no less.

  2. worcestermagazine


    Let us clarify: Hanover has been a financial force behind more new or changed ‘things’ in Worcester(Hanover Theatre, Hanover Insurance Park, most notably) than any other local company over the past few years.

    And that’s not denigrating any other company in town for what they’ve done over the past few years or over a more lengthy period of time.

  3. I read this article this morning and I have been meaning all day to write a post regarding it as well as this gem of an article in the Herald today “Reaching High In The City of Seven Hills”… Maybe I will get to it now.


    All the Worcester truisms and misconceptions come out in the comments that’s for sure.

    As far as Eppinger and Hanover goes I give him and the firm nothing but a boatload of credit for what they have done to support the Theatre as well as the Tornado’s.

  4. Financial force? Surely you jest Mr. Zoback. The only force effecting our economy is them milking us with exorbitant insurance rates.
    You can give ole Epp all the credit you want. I’m not convinced. I maintain that ole Hanover’s lack of civic feeling is a sham. They intentionally missed the boat for decades as a “corporate citizen” of this city. The only thing nice I can say about them, they have a nice lawn.
    So while ole Hanover raked in hundreds of millions from the local economy over the past 40+ years, they “just” recently decided to “invest” in our city.
    Sorta brings to mind all them non-profits taking us, the tax payers, for a ride over the last 60 years.
    Come on Mr. Zoback, how about a little bit of healthy journalistic skepticism in your postings.

    PS. Try this on for size. We changed to Progressive and saved $1,200 on our auto insurance! Same coverage as Hanover etc…

    I’ll betcha a case of really good beer Mr. Zoback that WOMAG will never ever publish any stories critical of the (auto) insurance industry in Massachusetts.

    Impartiality is just a figment of a journalist’s mind.

    Will W.

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