City Manager dissed at recruit graduation

Yesterday’s Police Department academy graduation was a bittersweet ceremony for all involved—despite graduating, all 32 members are being immediately to save money.

Apparently, some “friends and family” of those graduating recruits think that the money should have been saved somewhere else.  Today’s Telegram reports:

“City Manager Michael V. O’Brien received a copy of the invitation yesterday from “friends and family of the recruits.” It stated, “If you can’t support these wonderful women and men who have given up so much and worked so hard, you are not wanted at this ceremony… shame on all of you.”

Police Chief Gary J. Gemme, noticeably upset with the letter, supported the manager. He said without Mr. O’Brien, the class would not have been brought in at all. He said a year ago he expressed concern about bringing in a class during tight fiscal budgets and opposed it.”

This is emblematic of one of the huge barriers city officials, elected officials, and unions have in dealing with each other.  There’s an inherent “you’re either with us or against us” overtone to every conversation; indeed, we’ve heard parties elected officials and unions say those very words.


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