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Germain getting in mayor’s race?

The race to be Worcester’s mayor seems to be heating up, even as expected candidate Rick Rushton drops out.

Earlier tonight, Michael Germain told Jordan Levy on WTAG that he was strongly considering a mayoral run, especially in light of Rushton bowing out.  Councilor Kate Toomey has all but confirmed that she’s running for the top seat, and Mayor Konnie Lukes is expected to run for re election.  Gary Rosen wouldn’t give us a firm answer on Tuesday night as to his intentions, but some insiders think he may try to recapture and build on his strong showing from 2007.

So without consideration for outside candidates, there may already be four names in the pool, all from entirely different political backgrounds.  Could make for an interesting few months.


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Hadley is ready to go

The Hadley Apartments in the historic Burwick building are ready to go, with leases starting March 1.

What do you think about the units?  Worth the price?

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Our big birthday

Sometime in the next 24 hours, The Daily Worcesteria will celebrate a nice milestone.


16 months ago, the blog was launched as a one-day affair to cover city elections in a more immediate, intimate way than had ever been done before locally.  Since then, traffic has increased at a steady pace, ensuring our next 100,000 will come much quicker. (Our past 8 months has been 73% busier than our first 8 months)

Over the ensuing time, the blog has evolved to suit what you want and ask from us.  Posts have gotten more frequent, as have the range of stories covered.  It’s been fun, even as we figured and figure things out as we go.  Some things work (who would have thought a live blog of City Council could be so popular?); some things don’t(What were we thinking giving a separate post to each single thing that happened at those meetings? And traffic updates? Wow). But we’re always willing to try something new.

And we’ll continue to do ‘something new,’ pushing and evolving how news is covered and delivered in Worcester, using this spot as a testing ground.  We’ve got some really cool toys and tech we can’t wait to unveil in the next few weeks that will bring Daily Worcesteria to a whole new level.  (Could we be getting a sister blog?)

So, thank you.  Thank you guys for making this fun and sticking with us. Thank you for spreading the word, for keeping discussions going, and for being the best damn readers in Central Massachusetts.

Long live the Daily Worcesteria.


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GAR Hall on fire?

Bill Randell reports fire trucks at this historic and troubled building.

A Worcester Magazine crew is heading over there now.

UPDATE: At about 12:30 all fire crews had dispersed.  Apparently nothing major.

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