Green Worcester?

Could Worcester be one of the next great green cities?

Former Boston Phoenix news editor Catherine Tumbler writes in the Boston Review this month that smaller, industrial cities (Worcester? Check, and check) could be the perfect places to build up a national alternative energy industry.

“Taking energy security first, the smaller cities of the United States, with their large parcels of vacant, relatively low-value property and proximate surrounding land, could serve the alternative energy industry well. Smaller cities are not only more likely to be located near sources of clean energy-such as waterways, forests, and fields-but they can also generate more energy proportionate to their size…

When it comes to the urban-rural divide, small-to-intermediate-size cities may offer the best of both worlds. For all the rural romanticism of the ’70s-era homesteading movement-or for that matter, the vaunted folksiness of “small-town values,”-urban life has its allure. Smaller cities are large enough to offer the diversity, anonymity, and vibrancy of urban culture, as well as levels of density that offer efficiencies of scale. They are also small enough to maintain proximity to sustainable food production and renewable energy resources.”

[via CommonWealth Unbound]


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