Top 250 wage earners, 2008

This just in (literally): The top 250 wage earners of 2008 in the City of Worcester.

The top of the list is dominated by police officers and officials, with Chief Gary Gemme heading the list with $189,214.80 in wages in 2008.

Top 250 of 2008

More to come…



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2 responses to “Top 250 wage earners, 2008

  1. What the heck does one say to that list?
    Except, I gotta get a job as a Wusta cop. I’m honest and under 32. Think they’ll take me?
    The City Mgr. job is less interesting. I can’t deal with stupid politicians.
    But as a cop I could drive all around the city and find cool places to snooze and read newspapers all day and rake in the bucks.
    By the way, I caught a couple of them at Rural Cemetery – way over in the corner. In case anyone is curious.

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