Garage retail space all the rage

Despite previous failed attempts, the city is once again attempting to find retail tenants for downtown garages.

The city has issued two Requests for Proposals, one for lease of retail space at the Union Station garage, and one for the former Sh-Booms space in the Major Taylor Boulevard garage.

The Major Taylor Boulevard RFP requires that any lessee maintain at least three separate units, but no more than four; that at least 50% of the building have glass frontage, allowing pedestrians and traffic to see internal activity; units must be accessible from Major Taylor Boulevard, and all signage must meet specific design requirements.

The city has also laid out “preferred,” though not required uses for each individual unit, including a coffee shop/bakery, restaurant, lounge/retail, and office/retail.

As for the Union Station garage space, the city will allow the space to exist as one, two, or (it appears) three spaces; the 50% glass and street entry requirements still stand.



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2 responses to “Garage retail space all the rage

  1. I have been told from a very reliable source that they are only allowing people to lease the full space in the Union Station garage and then divide it up. Which sounds kind of silly to me. Why not get a couple of the spaces leased and then show by example that the space is viable and then the other spaces should fall in line no?

    It’s obvious by now that no one is willing to take the gamble leasing the entire space right?

  2. Dan

    Is that still in effect. I thought I read somewhere, T&G or Worcester Magazine, that after the first RFP failed to bring in any interested clients that they altered it so the space could be leased individually. It would make sense to get one or two thriving businesses in the garage and maybe that would drum up interest for the other space.

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