The candidates so far

As of 8:45 this morning, candidicy papers for city council at school committee are available.

Already, some of the same old names (and some not as old names) are out of the gate.

Kate Toomey and Gary Rosen have pulled papers to run for at-large city councilor; Rosen has also apparently pulled for school committee.  John Monfredo has also pulled for SC.



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3 responses to “The candidates so far

  1. John Carnegie

    God bless Gary Rosen! Not only is he apparently willing to help provide solutions to the City Council, he may also be able to provide solutions to the School Committee as well.

    I’m serious. When I was attending Doherty Memorial High School from 1980 to 1982, my home room was next door to Gary Rosen’s home room. I never had him for any classes, but he had a pleasant disposition.

    There weren’t too many teachers with pleasant dispositions back then…two months after school started Proposition 2 1/2 was passed…

    Now, I’m trying to remember which year students staged a walkout and held a rally at City Hall…it may have been 1981…at a designated time (it may have been 10:30)…we just got up and walked out of class…that was my generation’s only ‘protest.’

    (Tongue in cheek mode on) Of course, Gary may be running for both seats in order to capture the 50% salary from the School Committee. A brilliant strategic maneuver to maintain his principles and cash in at the same time (Tongue in cheek mode off)…

  2. Will he do twice as many stand-outs, or just hold twice as many signs?

  3. John Carnegie

    (Tongue in cheek mode on)

    Here’s my suspicion:

    Gary Rosen during the 80s was a Chemistry Teacher by day…at night, however, he was feverishly working on advanced cloning experiments.

    He discovered how to clone and rapidly accelerate the growth of his clone(s)…and Jordan Levy started to hint at Gary’s accomplishments during the last campaign season by promoting the ‘Where’s Gary campaigning’ call in segment.

    On more than one occasion, people called in and stated that they just drove by Gary…in more than one location in the city…

    We may see a Gary Rosen clone run for every City Council and School Committee…he will only accept one salary from being a City Councilor and one salary from being a School Committee member (saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary).

    The City Council and School Committee meetings will only take a fraction of the time (saving thousands of hours in time), since the votes will be unanimous.

    Gary will clearly demonstrate how to use chemistry and material science knowledge from the 1800s to solve some of our present day challenges:

    * Pinetree Power doesn’t want to take our Asian longhorned beetle-infested wood chips anymore? Gary will turn the wood chips into gas to cook food, provide light, produce electricity, or heat our homes (see video example

    * Don’t have any money in the budget to purchase electricity? Gary will present Senators Kennedy and Kerry with a solution to the Cape Wind litigation (

    * Don’t have the money to purchase gasoline to power the DPW trucks? Gary will turn our trash into fuel (see video example

    The Gary Rosen clones will not only bridge the budget gap for FY 2010, the city will be profitable and aggressively work on eliminating the need for property tax.

    No other incumbents and candidates need to run for office this year…the Garys have got it covered…

    (Tongue in cheek mode off)

    On a serious note, I am looking forward to hearing new and fresh ideas from incumbents and candidates alike. Things are serious enough to require that we all pitch in with creative solutions that don’t have to wait until the preliminary and general elections to have run their course…

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