Kevin Shea to Channel 7?

Dating to last summer, Charter Channel 3 sports anchor Kevin Shea has been doing fill-in freelance work for WHDH-Channel 7 on a semi-regular basis.  At one point, Shea had been the rumored permanent replacement for departed sports girl Julie Donaldson, but that hadn’t materialized.

Now though, with two high profile on-air departures in two days(Randy Price and Brandon Rudat), it’s quite possible Shea, known for his goofy on-air personality and encyclopedic knowledge of local sports, will be among the next fulltime hires at the Boston station.



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2 responses to “Kevin Shea to Channel 7?

  1. John Carnegie

    (Tongue in cheek mode on)

    While I wish nothing but good things for Kevin, this may be the ‘behind the scenes puppet master’ work of Howard Schultz (founder of Starbucks)…

    Kevin would need to field test Howard’s new StarPatch – a premium caffeine patch – the Batmobile, and a State Police squad in order to cover ALL of the Friday night football games in the WHDH broadcast area.

    (Tongue in cheek mode off)

  2. SS

    Channel 3 is far more respectable as a news organization than that craphole 7news.

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