Deval rumors redux

Once again, Governor Deval Patrick is being mentioned as a potential Cabinet pick for President Barack Obama.

Patrick was a featured “short list” candidate by the Washington Post this morning for the Health and Human Services spot after Tom Daschle withdrew his name earlier this week.

Patrick’s people quickly denied the rumors, about the third or fourth position he’s been rumored to be in line for, but some Beacon Hill watchers and insiders maintain that Patrick will take a seat at some point, whether it’s now or after his first term ends.

Any Patrick move would have an immediate trickle down effect that could alter the shape of state and, potentially, Worcester politics.


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One response to “Deval rumors redux

  1. Just because the last three people elected to the Governor’s office in Massachusetts abandoned the job either during their term or didn’t seek a second term people think every Governor will do that. Not every Governor in Massachusetts is a Republican.

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