Local aid cuts: The state memo

The coming local aid cuts (both for this fiscal year and FY2010) are drastic, especially for the bigger cities and towns.  Worcester stands to lose about an estimated $3,850,000 in 2010 BEYOND the 9% cuts in 2009; Shrewsbury will face a proposed $258,000 cut.  Other towns will face no better—and the state is very clear on exactly how the cuts in local budgets may be made.

Selected proposed cuts:

Auburn: $158,621

Fitchburg: $790,408

Grafton: $144,819

Holden: $5,446

Leicester: $160,816

Millbury: $164,012

Paxton: $1,486

Rule wise, the state has laid out guidelines for cities and towns to deal with the immediate 9c cuts, specifying exactly what kind of budget adjustments will be allowed:

  1. Reduce 2009 operating budget appropriations in any department
  2. Reduce special project appropriations
  3. Use cash reserves to close the gap
  4. Increase local fees and charges.

A full copy of the memo from the state to municipalities is available here.


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