Celebrity Smackdown: Lukes vs. Patrick

Mayor Konnie Lukes and former Mayor Tim Murray have always had an infamously frosty relationship; mentioning one name to the other elicits a Pavlovian reaction of disdain.

But is it possible Murray’s hatred for Lukes has rubbed off on his current boss, Governor Deval Patrick?

At Friday’s Massachusetts Municipal Association meeting, Lukes questioned Patrick’s plan to allow cities and towns to opt into telephone and meals/hotel taxes, but apparently didn’t like his answer.  Depending on the report, Lukes smirked/grimaced/puckered her face, drawing a quick retort from Patrick.  Matt Viser for The Boston Globe wrote:

Still, there was palpable tension in the Hynes Convention Center as Patrick announced his budget-cutting moves. At one point, the governor had a frosty exchange with Worcester Mayor Konstantina B. Lukes, after she appeared to smirk while the governor answered her question.

“Before you make a face, mayor, let me finish my answer, all right?” Patrick snapped.

Once he finished his response, he glanced over at her again and said, “Is that clear? OK. Now you can make your face.”

There’s been a lot of talk over the weekend from political analysts about the characterization of Patrick and Lukes: Was he just joking? Being snippy?  Was she making a face?

There’s footage of the exchange at WBZ, but Lukes’ face is not captured before Patrick’s reaction.

What do you think?  A little disagreement, or something a bit deeper?


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One response to “Celebrity Smackdown: Lukes vs. Patrick

  1. J. Madison

    Put em in a boxing ring and let’s get this cleared up once and for all.
    Oh, by the way. You’re doing a great job Murray at undermining the City of Worcester and its people.
    Oh, Jordan sez hi!

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