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Posted by “Sharilee” on worcestercountyrepublicanclub.comNice to see some state employees realize that we’re all in this together. People are starting to lose jobs because of the financial turmoil that started with the mortgage fiasco of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. So now is not the time for legislators to be helping themselves to more of what little money we have. Not surprisingly, House Speaker DiMasi is more than happy to take what is ours and make it his own.

Btw, I have a solution for all the griping on Beacon Hill about legislative pay. Let’s push through a constitutional amendment that takes us back to a part-time legislature – what it was for most of its life. That would give our elected officials more time to be net contributors to the state’s wealth, rather than net drains. It would also give them less time to enact damaging legislation!

Posted by “AlisonD” on

Conductor of canceled train just said their engines are 30 years old and we should ride at our own risk. Or buy cars. #mbtasux 4:49 AM Jan 15th MBTA ruins another morning. 6:59 train so delayed that we have to get off at Back Bay and get back on the next train. #mbtasux 4:29 AM Jan 15th

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Governor Deval Patrick yesterday signed the Bicyclist Safety Bill into law, recognizing the importance of bicycling to the people of Massachusetts, particularly the growing role of bicycling in our transportation system. Coming on the heels of a year that saw gas prices soar to over $4 a gallon, huge increases in ridership on public transportation, and a surge in interest in bicycle commuting, the law will help more people, particularly new and less experienced bicyclists, take advantage of bicycling as an affordable transportation option.

The new law adds police training on bicycle law and dangerous behavior by bicyclists and motorists; explains how a motorist should safely pass a bicycle; explains how a motorist should safely make a turn in front of a bicycle; makes “dooring” (opening a car door into the path of a bicycle or other vehicle) subject to ticket and fine; permits bicyclists to ride two abreast when it does not impede cars from passing; and adds legal protections for bicyclists who choose to ride to the right of other traffic.

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The state of Mass. insist on squeezing tax payers to pay for rampit spending and govnermnet waste. Why does this feel like extorsion? Politicians are telling us we will pay to keep the Pike in business through increased gas taxes in addition to rising toll prices, and excise taxes. Patrick wants to fund NEW projects. NEW PROJECTS ???

Just as land was granted for railroads to lay track upon to help build the rail industry, highways were developed in this counrty to help american automobile industry sell their products.

Those allegedly working for us in the Massachusetts state house are scheming to take our money. Two sides seem to be really working together to form a big smoke screen to divert our attention from the truth. The state is screwing us on the phony premise that we need to either pay to keep cars flowing into Logan airport or that the ridiculous budget for state employees (many politically placed) and cost of operations are really justified. Shouldn’t the airport pay to keep itself accessable?


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    Whos the chick on the cover of the mag ?

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