Airport access road conversations here again?

We’re working on this story at Worcester Magazine right now, but word on the street is that there have been some private conversations at multiple agencies bringing up the idea, once again, of pursuing an access road for Worcester Regional Airport.

Over at Bill Randell’s ORH blog, there’s an intriguing response from new Airport Director Andrew Davis:

8) How important is FREE parking initially for ORH and would you consider lobbying the City Council and the City Manager for FREE parking?
I think there are bigger issues for motorists, such as improving access to the airport from I-90. The parking at ORH is already a bargain, lower than at BOS, PVD or MHT and it is an important source of revenue to help offset operating costs of the airport.

It’s clear that some airport advocates in town still think an access road is the only way to improve the airport’s chances of success; having an airport director who is already citing the road as a main need will only spark conversation.



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2 responses to “Airport access road conversations here again?

  1. J. Madison

    I give the new guy at least a year before he hightails it outta here.
    Who sez ya gotta charge for parking? The income won’t make an iota of difference to the already abysmal money hole it is.
    Be creative, make it free. Dare to be different.
    Oh, and the access road – over my dead body.
    But who sez ya need and airport in Worcester anyways?
    It’s been a failure since conception.
    Don’t throw good money after bad.

  2. How about Worcester close up the airport and give the land back to Leicester. Worcester airport is only good for Worcesterites to complain about.

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