City Council video

The City Government Channels streaming video is live.

We’re having some issues embedding video on this WordPress hosted site, but Mike Benedetti has done yeoman’s work over on Worcester Activist getting everything up and running while dissecting how this stream is working.

The goal is, within the next two weeks, to have video running at the top of our weekly liveblog, as well as at any other broadcasted meeting we attend.



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4 responses to “City Council video

  1. Darn it to heck!

    Most Windows users should be able to watch it in Media Player by using this link:

  2. Watching the meeting via web…some digital artifacts in the audio 😦

    Audio quality probably set just *slightly* too low.

  3. Using Firefox with the WinMediaPlayer plugin here on a Vista machine… no audio glitches or artifacts here. Stream appears to be around 20kbps.

  4. Looks like the audio portion is 16kbps. If this is right, it sounds impressively good to me for such a low bitrate. I don’t know the technical terms for the digital artifacts, but they’re definitely there, tho not distracting. I bet if they upped it to 32kbps it would sound perfect!

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