City Council, live: Choose your poison

Starting tonight, you’ll have a veritable buffet of ways to catch your city councilors live.

That’s because – finally – the city will begin streaming City Council meetings live on the city website, following up an effort that Mike Benedetti and friends at WCCA have carried out for the past year.  As of yet, there’s no indication of where on the page you’ll have to click to get to the video.

Of course, we’ll be liveblogging the meeting as always.



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4 responses to “City Council, live: Choose your poison

  1. FWIW, here’s the 2008 City Council meeting archive link:

    (I think the link in your article is broken….)

  2. Yay! Those without cable rejoice! Now we just need some way of getting Scott’s play-by-play as a stream on the bottom of the city page, so we don’t have to flip back and forth!

  3. It’s up now. Looks like you have to install Silverlight to watch anything. What a mess.

  4. Nisa

    I noticed when you go to the city site and click on the the stream icon you are sent to the City’s Cable Division’s latest, altered, job description giving us a nice little reminder that the same person that is the cable advisory liaison. What we are NOT told is that she also takes the minutes to those cable advisory meetings and often coordinates them. She is also the same person who coordinates channel 12 and who also makes recommendations regarding the allocation of PEG access funds, including for city hall channel 12. She is also the same person who recommended the city to allocate an SUV for herself ( an apparent necessity for someone who video tapes city council meetings). This is also the same person who has not responded or provided information that friends of mine had requested concerning earlier streaming attempts made by citizens and other cable matters. So much for transparency. Does anyone think that there is just a little perception of at least an appearance of conflict of interest? So much for transparency.

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