No such thing as easy weed

As of this week, marijuana is no longer a criminal offense. Light up that joint, kids. But that doesn’t mean cops are going to be lenient. As part of the state enforcement guidelines issued at the end of December, cities and towns are being asked to look at how to “tailor” the laws to local needs and wants. Read: Supposed social mores. In Worcester, that could mean a short window before stricter civil penalties for marijuana usage-especially in public-are enacted. A few City Councilors say that no specific proposal has been brought up yet. But while the new regulations are the direct result of a referendum in November, that doesn’t mean people want leniency, says Councilor Rick Rushton. “At the same time it doesn’t say we want to promote the use of it. It’s a question for discussion.”



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2 responses to “No such thing as easy weed

  1. Gabe

    And we all know how the council loves to discuss!

  2. Hm – it still makes me nervous that this legislation is going to benefit drug dealers

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