MBTA: They’ll get back to us…

The MBTA and train operator MBCR used to be one of the best with responding to information requests: We’d ask for on time performance numbers for the Worcester line for a certain time frame, and get a response; usually within a few hours, occasionally within a day. How times have changed. In November, we emailed Joe Pesaturo at MBTA, asking him for October data. He told us it wouldn’t be ready until December. On Monday, we emailed MBCR spokesman Scott Farmelant, who told us he was out until Wednesday. On Tuesday, Pesaturo told us to email Farmelant; when we told him Farmelant was out, he responded he had forwarded our request to the railroads operation staff. We’re still waiting on the numbers.

UPDATE: A few hours after we posted, Pesaturo sent us the following information on the Worcester line’s On Time Performance the past two months.

Oct. 2008 – 90.55%
Oct. 2007 – 48.43%

Nov. 2008 – 89.53%
Nov. 2007 – 58.05%


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  1. Good for you for trying to obtain these stats. They haven’t been published in months.

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