Councilors sidewalks shoveled…when they exist

Sorry we haven’t posted all day; we know you missed us.

We’ve been out visiting all of the City Councilors’ – and City Manager’s – homes, otherwise known as “The Worcester Perimeter Tour.”

What did we learn?  About 18 hours after the snow weekend from hell ended, the only councilors with sidewalks to shovel – Mayor Lukes, City Councilors Gary Rosen and Phil Palmieri – had gotten the job done.

That’s an improvement over last week’s check by Jeff at Wormtown Taxi, when only Lukes had done the deed.

We did notice that the vast majority of private residence abutting sidewalks in the city seemed to be clear, although some public ones had yet to be cleared.

Which brings us to our Great Sidewalk Watch: Winter of 2008/2009.

If, over the next few months, you notice any glaringly unshoveled city-owned sidewalks, let us at Worcester Magazine know, and we’ll check it out.



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5 responses to “Councilors sidewalks shoveled…when they exist

  1. Now that they know you’re watching, we can probably count on due diligence, eh?

  2. ss

    What is the complaint line phone number??

  3. web-ster

    the city did not shovel hundreds of feet of sidewalk between 72 Coes Street and 240 Mill Street

  4. web-ster

    the city of Worcester did not clear the bridge sidewalks of snow from 580 – 582 Park Avenue and adjacent to 585 Park Avenue

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