4,500 Charter customers still out

According to a press release from Charter, 4,500 customers are still without service.  1,500 of those are without power.

Responding to criticism that the company had promised service restoration to customers lack week and not followed through, Charter Communications Vice President Gregory Garabedian was quoted as saying, “I completely understand the frustration that our customers and other central MA residents are feeling as a result of the extended outages of essential services related to the storm damage we all experienced last week,” said Garabedian. “We realize that at the beginning of the storm we were giving our Charter customers specific dates and times when we would have their service restored. Often, however, when we arrived we found that power was still out or that we couldn’t get to the customer’s street because of downed trees or because power company crews had cordoned off the area. Those situations,” added Garabedian, ” forced us to re-deploy those crews to other areas.



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3 responses to “4,500 Charter customers still out

  1. Dave

    do we get the time without cable off our bills? hmmm.

  2. Rob

    absolutely unless your service came back on with power at the time they were overwhelmed and not aware you were out. Check your statement next month and if you were credited, you are all set. If you deserve a credit, call them and explain you were out of service during the ice storm. They know there were problems and will take care of you. Don’t worry so much or you will get wrinkles on your forehead Dave.

  3. James Madison

    They don’t know how lucky they are.
    Hey Worcester, read a book.
    Better still, read the T&G and get local.
    Ops, maybe I should I have said WOMAG?
    Think they’ll delete this?
    Bah… who cares.

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