Ice Storm: Worcester update

Fresh from City Manager Michael O’Brien’s appearance on WTAG:

  • 5500 residents without power, scattered throughout the city
  • Crews rushing to get job done before coming storm
  • Worcester bringing in outside machinery and trucks to help with tree removal
  • Focus is in cleaning up Burncoat, but crews are working city wide
  • 10 crews from Asian Long Horned Beetle program cleaning up debris in the quarantine zone
  • An additional 5 outside crews and 3 newly formed city crews on debris
  • Yesterday, almost 50 crews from National Grid dedicated to smaller scale hookups
  • If you still have limbs on wires or dangerous trees, call the city to have them removed before the coming storms
  • Debris should be at the front of properties, off the street

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One response to “Ice Storm: Worcester update

  1. Steve Quist

    Kudos to WTAG the only local talk station in Worcester – the ice storm coverage was super. WCRN was a joke and was off the air the whole time. Glad to have Jim & Sherman — while Peter and Hank slept for 36 hours

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