Rojas Records for us: $1610

If you want to get the Officer Mark Rojas records for your own purposes, be prepared to pay.

In response to a Public Records request filed on December 2nd, the Worcester Police Department has issued a cost estimate of $1610 to Worcester Magazine.

The cost break down: $1500 for copies, $60 for labor(at approximately $12 an hour), and $50 for postage & handling.

In a conversation with a police administration official earlier this month, we stated our belief that state law only allowed a charge of 50 cents a page for the records if we pick them up at WPD headquarters; that official later agreed. And in a footnote to the cost estimate, Chief Gary Gemme allows that 50 cent figure.  If carried out, that would lead to a cost of $810.

Worcester Magazine is still determining whether we will be accepting the fee, appealing it, or declining to get the records.



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2 responses to “Rojas Records for us: $1610

  1. Scott, you’re doing better than me. I haven’t heard back yet about cost, or ability to view the files.

    Someone posted to Worcester Indymedia that Chief Gemme’s daugther used to date Rojas. Have you ever heard anyone say that?

    Did the Chief acknowledge this during either of the Levy or Stoltz interviews?

  2. Colin

    I’d chip in $25 to join in with others to see these records be public. Anyone else out there feel like some transparency is in order?

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