Disaster zone

The city and region is a complete mess right now, with trees and limbs down, flooding on streets, and other damage from the combination of icy rain and heavy winds last night. Power is out in several areas, including Tatnuck Square down to Park Ave

Up in the Greendale area of the city, there have been consistent sirens for the past 30 minutes.

There is heavy activity on the fire scanner — multiple engines and at least one ladder truck are on the scene at a fire somewhere in the city. (We are determining where right now) That fire was up at 28 Brooks Street off of West Boylston. Fire investigators are on scene now-8:31.

Having problems this morning? Let us know in the comments.

UPDATE: There’s flooding on West Boylston Street and traffic lights out throughout the city. Police and fire have their hands full this morning.

UPDATE: (8:27) The trees are affecting fire and police crews: Over at Hamilton and Pilgrim Streets, an engine truck was just forced to back out and go a roundabout way to access a reported fire on Pilgrim.

UPDATE: The Daily Worcesteria is watching firefighters back a ladder truck down Brooks Street onto Ararat Street instead of turning onto West Boylston. This is insanity.

UPDATE: Moreland and Flagg Streets are impassable for firetrucks.

UPDATE: (8:56) Lot of live wires down across the city as well meaning a lot of calls to the electric company. One downed wire on Whipple Street is causing an arcing electrical fire in a tree.

Elsewhere, a police officer just asked permission to transfer a mother and daughter to the hospital, as an ambulance wasn’t going to be able to make it to the scene due to road conditions.

Charter just called all employees off the road—if your cable is out, it’s not getting fixed.

UPDATE: It’s going to be a mess out there for a long time today. Multiple reports of downed live wires and downed trees blocking streets. Stay off the roads if you can today.

UPDATE (10:27): At least one firefighter has been taken to the hospital and released today.


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