McGovern not going to Cuba

The Massachusetts politascape has been in constant hypothetical flux over the past year, with rumors that everyone from Gov. Deval Patrick, to Sen. Ted Kennedy, to Sen. John Kerry could be departing office for various reasons, leaving political vacuums and a number of potential candidates jockeying for ascendancy. The latest rumor that could shake up the political scene? That Rep. Jim McGovern could be in line for one of a few high-profile gigs.

One popular report earlier this week counted him as a long-shot finalist for Barack Obama’s USDA Secretary; odd, considering his efforts against the USDA on the Asian Long Horned Beetle front. Other bizarre buzz has him in line for a possible ambassadorship. An extension of that rumor making the rounds would have McGovern serve as Obama’s first Ambassador to Cuba if political relations normalize. McGovern’s spokesman Mike Mershon laughs at the rumors. “Jim is not in line for any position in the administration. He is coming back to the House next year. Those are just crazy rumors that get floated around by people that have nothing better to do.” McGovern has long been thought of as one of the next generation of leaders of the House, and Mershon says he is still working toward an eventual chairmanship of the Rules Committee.


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