Another Union Station garage snafu

Soon after the Union Station garage opened several months ago, we posted about a late night experience that left us a little confused.

Almost immediately, we heard from the city, and very quickly, the problems we cited seem to have improved.

But there are still some kinks.

On Friday, we parked a car at 4:20 to take a train into Boston.  At 2:20 on Saturday, we got back.  When we put the parking ticket in the automated machine, it asked for $21.  Blindly, we paid.

Of course, it was AFTER the credit card went through that we noticed the strip of paper next to a button on the automated machine that read something like, “Lost card – $13.”  Meaning, pressing the button instead of putting in the card would have been an $8 savings.

As far as we could tell on the cost sign by the entrance, any stay of 6+ hours should be $8, and any overnight stay is an additional $5.  Essentially, our parking clock restarted on Saturday, and we paid for another 6 hours.

Next time, we’re losing our ticket.



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2 responses to “Another Union Station garage snafu

  1. Joe

    The real problem is that you went into Boston on a Friday night instead of staying in Worcester.


  2. That’s right: it’s the special “Friday night fine”!

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