Records release delayed: Letter from Rojas’ lawyer

In a statement earlier today, WPD Spokesman Sgt. Kerry Hazelhurst wrote that the intended release of Officer Mark Rojas internal affairs records to the Telegram would be delayed pending a request by Rojas and union lawyer Gary Nolan.

After the jump, the text of Nolan’s letter.

Dear Chief:

I understand that you have given notice of your intent to release Professional Standards records in connection with Officer Marj Rojas.  To that end, I write you on behalf of Officer Rojas and NEPBA Local 911.  I know you are aware of the court decisions and ruling of the Secretary of the Commonwealth in this area.  Officer Rojas and the Union want to convey their concern that Officer Rojas’ privacy be protected, and that no protected personnel or medical information is released in violation of G.L. c. 4, Sec. 7, and further that all proper redactions are made consistent with the Secretary’s Advisory Opinion, a copy of which is attached hereto.

Both Officer Rojas and the Union appreciate the diligence you have shown with regard to this issue.  We are requesting that you make available for inspection the records you intend to release, prior to their release, to my office as Counsel to the Union and Officer Rojas so that any concerns may be addressed and remedied.  I can make arrangements to have the records picked up today, or they can be faxed or emailed – whatever works best.  I have attached a signed authorization of Officer Rojas for release of the information.

Kindly contact either myself of Union President Edward Saucier at your earliest convenience to discuss this matter.  Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.



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3 responses to “Records release delayed: Letter from Rojas’ lawyer

  1. Joe

    Is the “Marj Rojas” typo in the letter text yours or theirs?

    (BTW, one more black eye for the WPD. they make it worse and worse. And they do it to themselves.)

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