FOX Undercover hammers Worcester Airport

Go figure. Days after the first real commercial service from Worcester Regional Airport in two years, FOX takes the opportunity to do a “undercover” report on how the “Empty airport [is] costing you millions.” The report focuses on the millions of tax dollars spent, the lack of access, etc…basically everything we’ve been writing about in town for years.

Check out the video and undercover reporter Mike Beaudet’s blog for more.



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2 responses to “FOX Undercover hammers Worcester Airport

  1. Perhaps they could do a special report about the millions of dollars in taxes that have come from Central Massachusetts and gone to projects in Boston. Big Dig seems to come to mind which they are currently looking at raising the gas tax to force us to pay even more for. Of course that wouldn’t be news since those of us outside Boston are just here to fun the largess of that city. We exist solely to serve. Not that I’m bitter about being forced to pay for a tunnel and park system that I never use since I go into Boston two or three times a year and always use the T.

  2. we should stop whining about Boston one of these days and spend more time on making this city bettah JG…drive around the is fairly dependent on outside money supporting it!

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