Irish Times and Nick Fiorillo, together at last

Since the Irish Times building was bought at a foreclosure auction last month, the bar and its upstairs club REHAB has lain dormant.  And over that time, there’s been a lot of speculation of who would take over the space and what would happen.  And although legal proceedings are reportedly still underway for Irish Times itself, the speculation ends this week, with a sneak preview of its newest incarnation on Wednesday, and a grand opening this weekend.

And things are a-changing, even if the personnel behind the redo is a Main Street familiar.

While Irish Times will remain the same for now, the old REHAB space is being reinvented as “Mansion House” by frequent club opener, Nick Fiorillo. Fiorillo, the VP of Worcester Events, who is handling the operation of the space (they’re also the company booking the function space at Giovanni’s at the GAR Hall), says that Mansion House will be a totally upscale space with an over-the-top luxury décor, including a $35,000 crystal chandelier.

“It looks like a Newport Mansion meets Alice in Wonderland and Caesar’s Palace,” he says. “The space is amazing.”

A flier for the club promises “Sweeping staircases, classic fireplaces, ornate mirrors, dramatic chandeliers, exposed brick and venetian plaster meld with lavish furnishings, so-comfortable couches” and advertises the club as “a place entertainment meets elegance: Created with Ireland’s capital city, Dublin, as it’s main inspiration, steeped in Irish history and youthful energy we bring you an unsurpassed lux-lounge nightclub experience right from the streets of Dublin.”

Check out the club (and the annual VIP membership) here.


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