Oh, no.

UPDATE:(2/13/09): Tirella did eventually launch a new permanent website at incitytimesworcester.org

UPDATE(9/12): After several calls from Tirella to Worcester Magazine publisher Gareth Charter(lawsuits were mentioned), we have removed her ex-boyfriend’s name from this post.  It looks like Melican has pared down what he posted on his website as well.

We might be looking at the dawning of the age of the 24-hour-a-day Allen Fletcher bashing channel.

Leaked on the Telegram’s comments board today, In City Times’ mad-hatter publisher/editor/owner Rosalie Tirella is about to launch Incitytimes.org. That’s right, fans: Get ready for all Rosalie, all the time.

We can’t WAIT for her version of “sourced” breaking-news mixed with columns about her ex-boyfriends’ penis size. Or maybe she’ll just stick with accusing blind guys of abusing guide dogs.

UPDATE: Melican just discovered the crazy to end all crazy, an unpublished Tirella column slumming in the source code for her homepage. This is insane shit.

Just the intro, to tease you. (The column is in letter form to Dianne Williamson)

How lovely to hear from you again! You have been calling me and calling me! You of the big mouth and the teeny cranium. You of the cellulite thighs and the jiggly ego. You, the big whale, in the small Worcester County pond. Splashing around in your stinky poop-filled cess pool. Splish, splash, splish, splash. If people were body parts – you would be the anus or, better yet, the appendix before it is just removed – a useless and ugly appendage filled with puss. A puss pocket! That’s what you are, Dianne Williamson! A puss pocket!

But enough pleasantries!

Big story. So my ex-boyfriend Jeff XXXXXXXX  telephones you and now you, Worcester’s own slobbering blood/newshound, are hot on my tail. (By the way, Jeff calls you: “That big, ugly dyke.”)

The rest of the column is a total character assassination of Rosalie’s ex-boyfriend, who figured prominently in Williamson’s column. Containing accusations that range from the boyfriend’s near-sexual encounters with underage girls to his impotence to his tendency to get sue-happy, it’s some real crazy stuff.



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13 responses to “Oh, no.

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  2. Man, this is so awesome.

    Any idea what CMS this is?

    Given Rosalie’s aversion to the internet in the past–rarely listing URLs of local websites, only grudgingly cooperating with the Worcester Independent Media Center on projects–I’d say there’s a 50/50 chance that this site sees few updates. Here’s hoping I’m wrong!

  3. That broad is a mess. If it’s any resemblance of that poor newspaper she puts out, than this site will be built on some geocities foundation…

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  8. skip

    The sad part for a mere observer, and a late one at that, is that in the face of raving lunacy both radioball.net, and DailyWorcesteria backed off and redacted some of the nuts she was spurting.

    The Truth will set you free?

    We are never going to fix this problem as a community if the two primary tactics to a RT attack are:

    1. to just hush, stay really still, and wait for her to go away lest we excite her attention,


    2. to back away to avoid the headache when faced with her endless rantings and threats of baseless lawsuit.

    I applaud those that found this and brought it to our attention. Sadly, if you weren’t there at the very outset you will never be able to see her prove her true character as it all gets swept up. I can’t find a full copy of the nuts.

  9. scully

    So I’m just catching up, but it looks like Rosalie took the letter out of the source code. Anybody copy the rest of teh crazy before it disappeared?

  10. Noah Bom bard

    Lawsuit?! Oh, Rosalie, Rosalie… your newspaper is a media attorney’s nightmare (or jackpot depending on what side you’re on). As for her ex’s penis size … well, I guess the pen is mightier than … the … well. And who went and told her about the Internet?! Shame on you.

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