Telegram cuts, again

We’re working on getting a copy of the full memo now, but the word coming out of Franklin Street is big.  Very very big.

Here’s what we know

  • No more local zoning.  Months after a new plan including zoning was introduced, the Telegram is doing away with zones, and moving to one local section.  This is the journalistic equivalent of bunkering in at the last, strongest point and abandoning the outposts.
  • 36 positions lost.  We won’t know for weeks/months exactly who is gone, but 36 out of 600 is significant.  Many of those who WANTED buyouts already took them and there isn’t much far left to cut.

More to come.



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7 responses to “Telegram cuts, again

  1. So are we going to have ANY local print media left AT ALL??

  2. thats great Mike..2nd biggest burp in the state, I am sorry in New England will be serviced by a editor/publisher who’s best quote is calling anyone who disagrees with something she believes in something along the lines of a “douche bag”..I am sure you blog in jest-hopefullly so:>)

    Listened to yer podcast today..what is the surprise that a guy laying down a chunk of his own cash for WOMAG wants to see a profit-evil words in this city I know:>) We had interesting read for years on another guys buck as usual in Woostah – someone elses buck mate..yah the past year may have been good ad wise but this is what most likely enticed the sale also – no increase in ads and we may have seen no WOMAG any longah!

    Yah, we are probably soon losing all interesting print news….how long can we continue to fill up the city with folks who have no intention of contributing but know how to take and take and we the city continually expecting federal bail out aftah bailout and the west side supporting the city financially before anyone gets it???

    BTW…yer show was only slightly more interesting than BuckPaxtons “boring bloggahs”..just sayin’ mate cause you ain quite yet Gene Burns or Jerry Williams just yet :>)

  3. Who needs local print media when we got local bloggas!

  4. You tell em Paulie!

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