Union Station Parking Garage: Instructions required

The Daily Worcesteria used the new “Garage Mahal” for the first time yesterday for a daytrip into Boston; it was….nice.  Still, a few things to improve on.

1. WHERE TO?: When you leave the garage on the first floor and cross over into Union Station, there’s zero signage about where to go if you want to find the busport.  You end up facing a wall in what used to be Union Station’s back hallway.  Now, it’s a main entry point.  To your left is the sign that reads “Parking Lot,” to the right is a security office with a hallway that leads to the general station…but doesn’t tell you that.  If you don’t know your way, it could become a guessing game.

2. I GOTTA PAY FOR THIS?: Yes, the parking costs are clearly displayed when you enter the garage.  But on the way out, the sign reminding and directing customers to pay in the garage “lobby” is located on a support beam ten feet above your head.  So while we noticed it, the eight cars that were clustered at the exit trying to get out without paying (or figuring out how to pay) obviously weren’t as observant.  Mayhem.  And it wasn’t just them.  At least four other people asked directions to get to the “lobby,” which was right in front of them.

3. HOW AM I GONNA PAY FOR THIS?: So I go to the pay lobby, walk up to the automated machines and…wait a minute.  No credit cards accepted at this time?  “Sorry for the inconvenience.”  OK, no biggie.  I’ll just go hit the ATM in Union Station.  I go back to the doors and….wait a minute.  I’m locked out?  Seriously?  This was just bizarre.  If you take the last train in from Boston on a Saturday night and get in at midnight and don’t have cash on you, get ready to explore the Canal District looking for an ATM.  (For the record, we’d like to thank the stragglers leaving the station who, sensing our frustration, held the doors for us to get back in.)

Anyway, final analysis?  Nice garage.  Very empty.  Signage needs to be improved.

Oh, and unlock the damn door or start taking credit cards.


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8 responses to “Union Station Parking Garage: Instructions required

  1. Jonnie Alco

    How many cars were in the garage? I mean, even if it was full, cough cough, Monday thru Friday I’d be interested in knowing how many spots would be used on Saturday and Sunday.

  2. Jim

    Wandering the canal district at midnight on a Saturday looking for a place to get cash doesn’t sound like a fun time for me.

  3. SS

    I would expect nothing less. Not even joking slightly.

  4. It should be a requirement for every project like this that a troubleshooting session happens so that things like this are avoided.

    Of course those security guards in there are very very very quick to lock everything down.

    By the way does anyone think that there are a surprising lack of ATM’s in the Canal District? As in not even one? The closest public 24 hour ATM is in the Exxon in Kelley Sq, and if that isn’t operational you are going all the way down to the Bank of America by Nick’s or walking the other way all the way into Downtown.

    Can someone from the development office get on the horn with Sovereign or BOA (or better yet any one of the banks headquartered in Central Mass) and let them know we have an entire pedestrian friendly district with 26 pouring establishments and no ATM machine?

    Little ridiculous no? Anyone? Bueller?

  5. trainster

    if you make it as far as Kelley Sq, there is a Sovereign Bank ATM in the Honey Farms on Millbury St (near McGoverns). If you make it as far as Bocado, there may be an ATM in the Walgreens on Grafton St (not positive on that 1)

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