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Heeeey everybody. I’m here in Worcester, Massachusetts. We’re still having fun on tour, and Kristy and I went to a 24 hour diner last night haha. It was pretty cool. Today when we went outside to sign there were a bunch of irish dancer kids. I know that’s random haha but anyway, it was a very very giving crowd! I don’t think there’s been a crowd that asked for so many hugs before. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so many gift bags before either. It was pretty cool considering people usually say Massachusetts is a pretty tough place haha.

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I rode this bike path today. Very Dissapointed. It is littered with dog crap, there are no signs telling the walkers to walk facing bicyclists, so you almost take them out when you round the blind overgrown corners. Most of the trail is overgrown, there are tree limbs at head chopping height for bicyclists. Generally the trail looks forgotten and I was not impressed with the graffiti on everything and the parked train cars leaking “powderlike substances”. It is a shame that this place is such disrepair just a few years after opening. But that is worcester for you! I guess the old saying is true. You can take the people out of the slum but, not the slum out of the people. A disgrace to the Blackstone Valley. If you want to see Excellent bike paths drive down 146 to RI there are many well maintained and a lot longer than 1.5 miles in RI.

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