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They’ve got a beat

Yesterday was the first day of filming for Worcester-based We Got The Beat, and we gotta say…we’re impressed.  Daily Worcesteria spent late last night at Becker’s Leicester campus, watching the cast and crew film a few garage-band related scenes.  We won’t give anything plot wise away, but things looked great.  The Kaz Gamble music was dead-on(let’s just say the heavy metal band is called “Suck It”), the cast was hilarious(late-addition Robert Hoffman of Step Up 2 and Nick Cannon was laugh out loud funny as Garth), and the crew was real pro.

Anyway, only the first day, but we’d say it boded well for the future.  The cast is filming at Elm Park today, we hear.


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Garage times changed

Well, that didn’t take long.

This morning’s Telegram reports that the new garage will be open 5:30 am to 1 am “to allow commuters to catch the first train and to exit the garage after the last train, according to city Commissioner of Public Works Robert L. Moylan Jr.”  That’s a quick change from yesterday’s report that said the garage would be a 6am to midnight operation, negating use of the first and last trains of the day.

We can’t help but think that some city officials were checking out the online comments yesterday.

Of course, this still prevents Canal District patrons from using the garage if they want to stay out until closing time, but Moylan tells the Telegram he’s not ready to go there, despite the fact that paying is an automated system.

“Based on demand, that will dictate whether or not we would consider filling in the other hours,” Mr. Moylan said.

So do people need to leave their cars past closing now to show demand?

Ah well, it’s a start.

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